1. When was the Son of Yahweh El Elyon (Most High GOD) ever a Christian? Did his Father named him Christ or Jesus, or was it humans?

2. What religion is the Most High GOD — or what religion has been endorsed by El Elyon ?

3. Is hell a place for spirits or humans?

4.The Prophets and Apostles could see the future, why are we always looking back? Does not the Supreme Creator speaks to us and shows us anymore?

5. The bible that is used today is copy of copy of copy-copied over 5,500 times in the past 1700 years. — Does the Nobility (kings or rulers of the world) ever in the history of mankind, ever do anything to free and enlightened the minds of the masses?

6. Did Yeshua leave a book to Teach, Guide and Restrain the Church (his Church) or did he leave the Holy Ghost (the Paraclete)?

7. If the root of the Tree is corrupt (the Neoplatonist Monophysite Church fathers) can the branches (the products of doctrinal dogma) be pure?



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